Tips For Boynton Beach, Florida Pet Owners On How To Keep Dogs Cool

Although summertime temperatures in Southern Florida are a lot lower on average than some other parts of the country, it still can get quite hot during the summer months – especially when you factor in humidity.

Pet owners in the Boynton Beach area need to be particularly aware of what is happening with the weather outside. Dogs can easily overheat during periods of hot weather. To ensure that your dog stays cool, try using the following tips:

1. Create a cool, comfortable area in your yard. Look for a shaded spot in your yard where you can create a cool place for your dog to lay. Consider filling this area with sand or dirt that your dog can dig down into to create a comfortable place to lay. If you have room, you can also put a kiddie pool close by for your dog to splash around in when they get too hot. Nothing cools a dog off faster than taking a dip in the pool.

2. Keep your dog indoors on especially hot days. When the temperatures are extremely hot outside, bring your dog indoors where it is air-conditioned. This is especially important for long-haired breeds that are not well-suited to tropical climates.

3. Make sure your dog has access to plenty of clean, fresh water. Staying hydrated is absolutely essential for dogs when it is hot outside. Make sure they have a clean, consistent source of drinking water that is available at all times. For a refreshing treat, consider adding ice cubes to their water dish. Not only will the ice cubes help make the water cooler but your dog can also have a lot of fun trying to fish them out of the water dish.

4. Avoid exercising your dog during the heat of the day. If you are going to take your dog for a walk or play with them, get up early so that you can finish before the day gets too hot.

5. Never leave your dog in the car when it is hot outside. This can easily cause death. On a hot day, the temperature inside your car can get extremely high, causing your dog to become severely overheated and dehydrated. Either take your dog in with you when you reach your destination or leave them at home with the air conditioner running.

Taking these steps to keep your dog cool in Boynton Beach, Florida will help ensure that they stay healthy and happy all summer long.