Go On An Adventure In The Great City Of Boynton Beach FL

Have you already discovered some of the wonderful things to do in Boynton Beach FL? If not, it’s time to get excited becuase you’re going to learn about some popular places to visit. These four top attractions are definitely interesting, and you might want to add them to your vacation plans. Have a great time as you make your trip to Boynton Beach, Florida.

Pet n Parties is one of those places that you just absolutely have to visit if you have kids. They are going to love the feeding area, pony rides, bounce houses and so much more. This places is essentially an animal park, but it’s much more than that. It’s a place that you have to visit on the weekend, so keep that in mind. As for the animals, there are sheep, llamas, cows, camels and more. The entire family would enjoy this wonderful attraction.

Devour Brewing Company may not be a place to visit with the kids, but it’s a top attraction in Boynton Beach. This brewery is located on SW 30th Avenue, and it’s got some unique craft beers waiting for you. According to the reviews, one of the favorites is the Shadow Walker Double IPA. Devour Brewery is said to have a very relaxed vibe, and it’s one of the cool breweries to visit when you’re in Palm Beach County.

Harvey E Oyer Jr Park is on North Federal Highway, and it actually features a place to launch your boat. It’s also a wonderful place to take a walk. Perhaps you want to enjoy a family picnic, or you would like to go fishing. There is a history to the park, as it is named after a person that is a locally famous historical figure in Boynton. It’s one of the parks in the city that is certainly worth paying a visit.

Do you like Farmer’s Markets? Woolbright Farmer’s Market is also worth a stop. That’s especially true if you love pie. That’s what you will find there aside from produce according to the reviews. Woolbright Farmer’s Market might be a quick visit, but it sure would be a fun one.

You can also stop by Boynton Beach Mall and of course the beach in general. The beach is a must, and hopefully you think these four attractions are a good fit, too. Take your adventure in Boynton Beach FL, and you will be glad you did.